Personal favorites

Earliest musical memory: Listening to my mother practice the “Frescobaldi” Toccata (by Cassado). The eloquently sad opening leads into progressively more cheerful sections and a jubilant ending. As a small child, I would let this piece transport me from the dark of winter to sunshine, flowers, and mountains.

My first time playing Brahms and Mahler Symphonies (as a teenager at Juilliard)

Brahms Piano Quartets (all of them)

A “pilgrimage” to Lake Thun and the Jungfrau region. After a music festival in Switzerland, we visited where Brahms hiked in the mountains while composing his Double Concerto, C Minor Trio, and other works. The view from Brahms’ window was of the Jungfrau range, so we had to hike there too.

Overnights on top of mountains in the Adirondacks. (In the early days, before I became a 46er, one could camp at high elevations.)

Canoeing to my wedding